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See amazing results right away. Carmona Smiles is proud to be your local Pediatric Dentist, and we offer high-quality, in-office professional teeth whitening in Coral Springs.

Teeth Whitening in Coral Springs and Parkland

Your child can show off a confident smile with beautifully whitened teeth. Professional teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can provide great results in just one visit.

Like adults, sometimes a teen's smile can become discolored. Professional whitening can provide them with a bright, white smile that they love to show off.

Professional whitening uses trays with a bleaching gel that penetrates deep into the teeth to extract stains and leave behind gorgeous white teeth. The process is comfortable, and the results are long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my teen have professional whitening instead of using an in-home product?

At Carmona Smiles, our process uses a more effective bleaching gel that can improve a smile by up to eight brighter shades. Typical over-the-counter products brighten up about two shades.

How long does the whitening take?

You can see immediate results in just one hour.

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Mychaella D.

Phenomenal staff! Discussed everything they were doing as the did it. Kind, caring but also informative and honest! Exactly what I was looking for in a group!
Five stars

Samuel L.

Great service as a customer and tremendous professional attention as a patient. All you need in a specialized dental service!!!
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Five stars

Kristin V.

Very thorough, very comfortable. I feel like my family is in good hands here!
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