Teeth Extractions for Children in Coral Springs, FL

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Tell a child to undergo a tooth extraction—they will surely explode in disagreement because the said dental service does not sound very appealing to them. With that said, we at Carmona Smiles are here to help our young patients become more comfortable with the said procedure.

Little boy at the dentist

Certain circumstances may prompt the need of children for teeth extractions. Once the dentist recommends your child to undergo the said procedure, it is always ideal to never delay. But how can you encourage them to do so? Here’s how:

Explain to them the importance of teeth extractions

Dental professionals will not suggest an extraction to their patients unless badly needed. Kids are usually required to undergo a tooth removal to get rid of their severely infected tooth. Infections can be countered through root canal therapy. However, if the complication becomes severe, the only way for it to be eliminated is by removing the tooth itself. It could also be that the dentist necessitates your child for a tooth extraction to make their orthodontic treatments more successful.

Tell them that they do not have to worry about discomfort

The number one reason why children refuse to see the dentist, especially for a tooth extraction procedure is “pain”. They are scared to experience any painful process in a dental clinic. Luckily, we at Carmona Smiles offer a particular type of sedative suitable for young patients – laughing gas. Aside from the local anesthesia that our dentist uses to numb the treatment site, laughing gas can be an add-on to make your little ones’ teeth extraction experience a lot more pleasant.

If their concern is more on the healing period, let them know that the post-treatment care for teeth extractions is simple. Here are the things that they need to do to recover quickly:

  • As much as possible, change the gauze pad every 20 minutes. The cloth is necessary to deal with bleeding, so it should be kept in the treated area until the bleeding subsides.
  • Swelling is easier to counter through the use of a cold compress. Place an ice pack on the swollen cheek of your child for about 20 minutes.
  • Offer them soft foods and do not allow them to sip liquids using a straw.

If your kids need Teeth Extractions in Coral Springs, FL, feel free to contact us at Carmona Smiles. We are here to help your child achieve the best dental health.