General Anesthesia in Coral Springs, FL: Simple Tips to Execute

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Aside from the fear of dental procedures, some patients are much concerned with the idea of being “put to sleep” through the help of general anesthesia. The same thing goes for parents since the thought of their children being unconscious during a dental procedure can be scary. But, it is essential for them to know that every dentist would make sure that the whole process would go as smoothly and safely as possible.

General Anesthesia

Dentists often recommend the use of this particular anesthetic option for children who needs to undergo several, complicated, and extensive dental procedures. Parents can rest easy since the person who would administer the anesthetic is someone who specializes in its use. Once given, the child would fall asleep comfortably throughout the procedure and wakes up without any memory of what took place.

If general anesthesia is necessary, there are important instructions that the dentist would give parents. To not miss anything, here are some of the usual advice we at Carmona Smiles have prepared:

For infants (below 12 months)

Babies fed with formulas should be given their milk 6 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. On the other hand, breastfed babies should be nursed 4 hours before their visit.

For children

  • If the child is drinking a certain medicine, it is best to ask the dentist if it can still be taken on the day of their dental appointment with general anesthesia.
  • On the night before their scheduled procedure, children should not be given any solid foods and non-clear liquids after midnight.
  • Two hours before their appointment, only liquids can be consumed.

Any new experience can be terrifying, especially for children. But since their oral wellness is on the line, parents should do what they can in making their children feel calm before the administration of the anesthetic. Here are some easy tips:

Bring the item that usually makes the child feel calm like their favorite toy, blanket, or stuffed toy for them to hold on to.

  • Holding their hands, caressing their hair, or just merely touching will make children feel more at ease knowing that their parent is around.
  • Talking, singing, and whispering to the child’s ear can reassure them.

With all these tips mentioned above, parents can feel more confident to let their children undergo general anesthesia.

Children deserve to have anxious-free and comfortable dental experience. To make this possible, let them avail of General Anesthesia in Coral Springs, FL! Book your appointment with us at Carmona Smiles.