Tips in Helping a Child Who Is Afraid of the Dentist

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Have you noticed that your child does not like the idea of seeing the dentist? Do not wait for this problem to worsen before you take action! If this is left unattended, they can keep on avoiding the dentist. Instead of seeking treatment, they may rather settle with over the counter solutions, which may make matters worse. For us at Carmona Smiles to assist parents with children who developed dental fear, here is a list of tips!


Start early

The American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends parents to schedule their child’s first dental visit as soon as their first tooth appears, and no later than their first birthday. One effective way to minimize dental anxiety in children is to start professional dental care before cavity forms. The benefits they can take advantage of include having tip-top oral health and relaxed dental appointments in the future.

Consider a pediatric dentist

Instead of bringing the child to the same dentist, it is best to opt for a pediatric dentist since they are trained to cater to the specific needs of children and adolescents. These dental specialists have two to three years of additional training to manage young patients effectively. Parents are assured that their child is in good hands.

Do a meet and greet

If a child is nervous about seeing the dentist, it is ideal for them to visit the dental practice prior to their scheduled appointment. In doing so, they can meet and get to know the people who will be handling their oral health from then on.

Schedule the child’s appointment with the same hygienist or dentist

Having the same person take care of a child can make their visits go smoothly. Young children tend to be uneasy when around new people; therefore, seeing the same face can make them feel more comfortable.

Take advantage of distractions

There are dental practices that have a TV near the dental chair to attract children’s attention. If possible, ask if it is okay for children to bring a phone or music player as a distraction throughout their scheduled procedure.

Get close to the child

During their scheduled procedure, having a parent hold their child’s hand as the dentist performs their work can make them feel more comfortable and relaxed.


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