Know More About Retainers with the Help of These FAQs

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Undergoing orthodontic treatments nowadays as teens and adults are much easier. They no longer have to deal with a mouthful of metal just to achieve a straight and healthy smile. There are now several options available that offer a more discreet, aesthetically pleasing, and quick treatments. Even the traditional orthodontic approach has been improved to cater to the needs of patients. But one thing that didn’t change is, patients are still required to wear retainers after any orthodontic treatment. Unfamiliar with the said procedure? Here are some of the most common questions and the corresponding answers we at Carmona Smiles have prepared.

orthodontic retainers

Why should retainers be worn?

After braces or aligners, it is possible for the teeth to move back to their previous places. The job of retainers is to keep them from doing so to maintain the current and correct positioning of the pearly whites.

They feel weird; will this change?

Yes. It may taste, look, and feel different after wearing it for the first time, but after the mouth adjusts, everything will go back to normal. The lisp and discomfort will go away on their own. However, if there are still issues with the appliance, it is best to address the concern with a dentist.

How should they be cared for?

It is essential for patients not to play with the appliance in their mouths. The dentist also advises everyone to avoid biting on something hard, chewy, and sticky to prevent damaging the device.

How to store the retainers?

Make sure not to place retainers in the bag, pockets, and especially in tissue. Doing so makes it more likely for the appliance to be lost or thrown away. The best thing to do when storing retainers is by placing it in a case. Not only can it be located easily, but damages to the appliance can be avoided as well.

How long should retainers be worn?

The purpose of the appliance is to keep teeth in their proper places. Unfortunately, as people age, their teeth are more likely to move again. It is a natural part of the aging process, so with that said, patients should keep wearing the retainers for life. But, not every hour every day. The dentist will give recommendations on the best wear time, usually depending on the situation of each patient.

Keep your teeth in their proper places after orthodontic treatment by wearing the retainers we provide as part of our Teen & Adult Orthodontist service in Coral Springs, FL! If you need to know more about the said service, call or visit us at Carmona Smiles.