Say Hello to Professional Teeth Whitening and Bid Goodbye to Dull Smile in Coral Springs, FL

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It is indeed a bit discouraging to smile with yellow-looking teeth. Some people who are not born with a white smile often get depressed and conscious. There are even those who isolate themselves and choose not to mingle at all. While trying over-the-counter whitening kits is a popular thing nowadays, we at Carmona Smiles do not support this type of bandwagon. We believe that a person can only attain a stain-free smile with solely the help of a professional. With that, our practice provides Teeth Whitening Treatment. It is a procedure that delivers up to eight shades brighter teeth to patients in as early as an hour.

Teeth Whitening

Causes Of Teeth Discoloration Or Staining

The teeth may stain or discolor for various reasons. These include:

  • The consumption of foods or beverages like soda, colorful juices, tomato sauce, berries, red wine, and black tea
  • Aging reveals the natural yellow color of the dentin
  • The excessive intake of fluoride either through drinking fluoridated water or using oral care products like toothpaste and rinses
  • Trauma or dental injuries
  • Lack of good oral hygiene and care

Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

Whatever the cause of the person’s dull smile, professional teeth whitening is sure to counter the issue. The most obvious benefits that the treatment can give to patients is a dazzling, bright smile. Other than that, they can also take advantage of the following:

Safe And Comfortable Procedure

The process is entirely painful and straightforward. It does not require any sedatives and local anesthesia to finish. Plus, teeth whitening performed under the supervision of the dentist is guaranteed safe.

Speedy Treatment

Professional teeth whitening can give patients the best result in an instant. No need for multiple appointments or long treatments as our in-office teeth whitening can provide everyone with a white smile in just one hour.

Strong Whitening Result

The bleaching gel utilized by dentists contains a sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide compared to OTC products. Patients investing in professional teeth whitening are more likely to own a white smile than those who opted for commercial kits.

Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Carmona Smiles and check out our Teeth Whitening in Coral Springs, FL. We are located at  5810 Coral Ridge Dr., #110, Coral Springs, FL 33076.