Understanding the Parts of Traditional Braces and Their Purposes in Coral Springs, FL

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Behind the excellent potential of traditional braces in mending mild to severe orthodontic issues are its impressive components: brackets, bands, archwire, ligatures, rubber bands, power chain, and coil spring. We at Carmona Smiles will discuss each of these along with their functions to help patients get to know their oral devices more. We believe that with the right knowledge, everyone can attain a smooth experience with braces.


Parts Of Traditional Braces


Traditional braces use brackets. These are small, square-shaped metals cemented on each tooth through the use of a chemical solution. Not all brackets are made from metals. Other types of braces utilize ceramic or clear materials for better aesthetics. Brackets are equipped with slots to support the archwire and hooks to hold rubber bands.


The bands are the stainless steel rings placed on the molars. They too are affixed on the teeth with the use of dental cement mixed with fluoride. Metal bands will serve as anchors for the archwire.


Traditional braces’ metal wires play a significant role in the movement and proper positioning of the teeth. They are the ones that apply pressure on the pearly whites. Every month, the dentist switches the wires into a heavier archwire for greater movement.


To secure the archwires, the dentist used ligatures. They are mini elastic bands that can either be clear, colorful, or silver. Like the archwires, old ligatures are removed and replaced with new ones each month.

Bonus Tip: When picking colored ligatures’, opt for darker options as they make the teeth appear whiter.

Rubber Bands

The main reason why some of the brackets have hooks is for the rubber bands to attach to. The elastic bands ensure that the lower and upper teeth will achieve the correct bite.

Take Note: Not all orthodontic patients are required to wear rubber bands.

Power Chain

To close gaps or spaces between teeth, another type of ligature called the “power chain” is used. It is made from elastic materials as well.

Take Note: Patients may feel slight pain for a day or two after the power chain is placed.

Coil Spring

In the middle of the person’s orthodontic treatment, the dentist may place a coil spring between the teeth that are too close to each other. Its purpose is to create a space in these two teeth.

Aside from traditional braces, we at Carmona Smiles also have Invisalign, ceramic braces, and retainers available for patients with orthodontic issues. Visit our office for an initial consultation.

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