Tips When Taking a Child to the Dentist for the First Time

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Caring for children’s teeth should start early since their oral wellness plays a vital role in their development. That said, parents should remember not to neglect the care for their little one’s first set of teeth. Although these structures are supposed to be lost to make way for the permanent ones, they do not deserve to be neglected. Like any permanent oral structures, they need the same care and attention.

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At Carmona Smiles, we are committed to helping parents care for the smiles of their children, and this starts during their first dental visit. Here is a list of tips we prepared to make it easy!

Prepare the child

When booking an appointment, make sure to ask the things to expect so that the child can be prepared accordingly. Like adults, children do not find dental visits as the most pleasant experience. But by preparing them gradually, it would help ease their anxiety.

Follow the recommended visit

The best time to schedule the child’s first visit is when their first tooth usually erupts in the first six months, and no later than their first birthday.

Examine their mouth at home

To make them feel more at ease when someone is checking their mouth, the best place to practice is at home. This habit should start even before they develop teeth. Parents should wipe their kid’s gums using a clean, damp gauze or cloth to eliminate the accumulation of harmful substances.

Pick the right time

Parents should observe the behavioral patterns of their children. Doing so makes it possible for them to pick the best time for a dental visit. As much as possible, do not give them sugary and caffeinated substances prior to the scheduled appointment. Arriving early helps make them feel comfortable with the place and the staff who will handle their oral health from then onwards.

Take note of the essential things

Just like adults, the little ones need to see the dentist twice every year as well. But if there are problems that need to be monitored, the dentist may request a more frequent appointment. Take note of the next visit advised by the dentist and make sure to schedule ahead of time.

For your children to get the oral health care they need and deserve as they grow, take advantage of our services under Pediatric Dentistry in Coral Springs, FL! Call or visit us at Carmona Smiles to book their appointment.